DIY Chalkboard Wedding

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This month at Fi Fy Fo Fum Designs our theme has been rustic weddings. We've been seeing lots of fun DIY blackboard ideas on Pinterest, so we thought we'd have a go at creating a few wedding decor items out of rustic recycled products and chalkboard paint.

There are lots of chalkboard paint products out there at the moment. I've seen chalkboard contact, paper, stickers, spray paint, chalk textas and coloured chalkboard paint. We decided to stick to chalkboard paint for our projects.

Chalkboard named glasses


-old glasses (50c from an op shop)

-chalkboard paint &/or chalkboard stickers




1) Clean and dry the glasses

2) Paint the top of the base of the wine glasses from them stem out to the edge of the glass with chalkboard paint. You wont need to masking tape the stem of the glass for a neat line, it looks fine a bit rough. I've seen people dipping the whole base of the wine glass in paint but that looked too messy for me and I was worried the paint might rub off on the table when it was being used.

3) For the other glasses paint a rough patch of paint on the glass. Make sure the patch is long enough for a name to be written with chalk (mine were a bit short). Repeat with a second coat. I think I'd use chalkboard stickers for these next time as I found some of the paint scratched off when I wrote on them with chalk. Stickers would be more durable and reusable.

Chalkboard metal serving trays


-metal trays ($3-10 at an opp shop)

-chalkboard paint


-tailors chalk


I used a printed template for the text. I scribbled over the back of the text with a chalk pencil (tailors chalk) and then placed it on the chalkboard chalkside down and traced over the text with a pencil. This pressed the chalk onto the chalkboard and gave me a rough outline to fill in with the chalk. I found chalk really hard to work with neatly to get clear lines, so next time I would use a chalk texta. I tried the chalk pencil but it scratched the paint off the glass and metal. It would work fine on chalkboard stickers or paper though.

Chalkboard wine bottle table numbers


-old wine bottles

-chalkboard paint/ or chalkboard paint in a spray can


-chalk and chalk pencil



1) Remove the label using eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil. Clean the bottle well ensuring that all the oil and glue is removed.

2) Paint or spray the bottle. I found my dark bottle covered really well so I didn't need to do a second coat. You may need to do a second coat with a lighter coloured/ clear bottle.