We are thrilled to offer two different letterpress printing services:

Traditional Letterpress

Traditional letterpress.

Traditional letterpress printing is a beautiful style of printing that has undergone a big revival in the past couple of years. The inked areas are pressed into the paper giving a lovely “tactile” quality to the invitation.  All areas of print will have an indentation in the paper.  As this is a labour intensive process, we offer this as a quote by quote service. Please note that this service takes 1 month for printing.
Ready made letterpress

Ready made letterpress.

This process we combine the best of both worlds...both standard and letterpress printing.  We letterpress print the pattern or design with no ink, however you are left with the lovely letterpress indentation in the paper.  We then use traditional printing and print our details on the same card. By combining these techniques it makes letterpress invitations affordable as well as having them customised. Price includes matching envelope and start from $4.40 an invitation.