Don’t forget the poor envelope!

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Don’t forget the poor envelope!

It's time someone stood up for the poor envelope!  It is doing a very important job holding all the details for your celebration, but we forget about them and keep them boring and plain.  BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED!  Here at Fi Fy Fo Fum Designs we are taking a stand!  Here are some simple DIY ideas to give the poor old envelope a little facelift.

Glue a paper doily to the inside flap of a darker coloured envelope.

Paint or ink a piece of lace and press it carefully onto an envelope. This one was quite messy but looks great.

Wrap a paper doily around your invitation and trim the top and bottom edges. Fasten with a piece of contrasting string and a tag.

Add a little surprise to your invitations by adding some sequins and glitter to the envelope.

Ink the edges of an envelope with a contrasting coloured ink.

Paint the edges of your stationery items with coloured paint. No painting skills required just use smooth steady lines.

Highlight the edges of your envelopes with a fluro highlighter.