DIY Photo Backgrounds

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For this month's DIY we decided to try a few different party backgrounds for weddings, parties anything! The projects use materials that you'll probably already have at home and don't take much time to put together. We really enjoyed putting these DIYs together and home you do to.

DIY Doily and Photo Bunting

This bunting was super easy to make and requires no sewing.


-kitchen string or ribbon

-mini wooden craft pegs

-paper doilies

-old doilies (a family member will have a drawfull they've never used or they can be bought for $1-3 each at charity shops)

-blue tack


And it's as easy as blue tacking the three equal lengths of string on the wall. I used the grout between the bricks as a guide to keeping it all even and straight.

And then pegging on the doilies and photos.

On the paper doilies I wrote LOVE with a texta. You could write anything... Happy Birthday... Congratulations...

The beautiful black and white photos on the bunting were taken by Karen from Petite Bebe Photography. Check out her amazing maternity, baby and family photography at  or on Facebook.

Circle Bunting

Here is another bunting idea that was also really easy to do. Simple machine sewing required.

Here is another bunting idea that was also really easy to do. Simple machine sewing is required.


-Circle hole punch (I used a 1 1/4 inch punch)

-scrap paper, cardboard, vellum  etc

-sewing machine

-blue tack

 All you have to do is cut out a bunch of circles from your favourite paper scraps and then run them through a sewing machine on a normal straight stitch. I then knotted the cotton and trimmed the edges. Strands of circles can be hung horizontally for a photo background or vertically on a door frame or wall.

You could use any shape, size, colours the options are endless. I can't wait to try other colours and shapes. I'd love to see a triangular/ geometric one!

Crepe Paper Chandelier


-two embroidery hoops (one large and another that fits inside)

-crepe paper

-bobbley wool

-double sided tape

-ribbon (for hanging)

Hang the larger hoop with four equal lengths of ribbon from a central point. Attach the crepe paper strips and wool with double sided tape to the inside of the hoop and wind around the hoop. Hang the smaller hoop from the larger hoop and attach strips to it as well. Trim the edges as desired.

We'd love to see your projects if you try one of our DIYs so please email a photo to us at or leave a comment below and let us know how you went.


x Sarah